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America`s Hometown “Portal to the Past” Historic Village View Photos

Experience History first hand!

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We invite you to step through the Portal to the Past into America`s Hometown Historic Village.

Located within the historic and scenic Brewster Gardens, adjacent to the America`s Hometown Parade route, you are invited to explore four centuries of American History - free of charge!

Filled with authentic camps and scenarios, the Historic Village is brought to life through dedicated living historians and their careful portrayals of the people of each period. The Historic Village interpreters will inform and entertain – and serve as guides as you personally travel among the centuries.

New for 2013

  • Meet President Lincoln (view his schedule)
  • Visit a Recreated Village Marketplace with artisans demonstrating historic skills, such as Blacksmithing, Basket making, Candle making, Leatherworking, Millinery, Pottery, Printmaking, Tinsmithing, and More!

Begin your journey in the 17th century with Native Peoples and European settlers, and learn to separate fact from fiction about the gathering of 1621 which some call “thanksgiving”, and others consider a dark day. Watch the 17th century Pikemen practice the defense of their town – with long poles!

Travel along to the eighteenth century to hear from the local militia men about their complaints against the King and Parliament, and their plans to establish self-rule, but beware the King’s troops!

Continue along the paths to the 19th century Civil War battalions and note how their drill has evolved in response to the first “industrial war.” Debate the legalities of the southern state’s “secession,” and learn about the important role of civilian women to support the northern armies.

Wind your way through to the 20th century, and perhaps be swept along with the Suffragettes marching for women’s right to vote. Visit the WWI and WWII troops, and learn about the “modern” military.

America`s Hometown Historic Village offers many opportunities to truly time-travel. Visitors are invited to observe or participate in the many military, civilian, and children’s demonstrations scheduled throughout the day. Meet real historical figures, form up and drill, listen to period music, step into a dance, or try a game. Most importantly, learn about our history from the folks who were there!

Historic Village Participants

  Living Historians:
Native Peoples
American Teaching & Interpretation
Salem Trayned Band
New Plimmoth Gard
Gardner's Regiment
HM First Foot Guards
Pirates of the New England Coast
1812 Marine Guard
New England Brigade
Commonwealth Vintage Dancers (Suffragettes)
59th Coast Artillery
Bark Baskets and Tanned Hides
Wicker'd Good Baskets
Rock Village Forge Blacksmith
Chilibob Candleworks
Steinhagen Pottery
Time Travel Textiles
Leonard Tinsmith