The Native American Pavilion

Come and have the opportunity to learn what really happened at that first dinner between the Colonist and Wampanoag people in the fall of 1621.

Was there turkey at the dinner? How many people were actually there? Did it happen every year? Why was it so important?

These are the types of questions you will be able to ask. We will be having a Native American Pavilion and Colonial interpreters at the pavilion giving you information about that first feast known by many as “ Thanksgiving”. You can also ask questions about anything in general at our living history museum. This is great opportunity to shatter the myths about the 17th century and hear the actual truth of history. Bring you and you’re family along and turn back time to the year of 1621.


  • "In my opinion, this is the best Thanksgiving Parade in the nation. Every year has a well planned theme, and everything lines up with it. Top quality floats and bands, and quality people running it make it a real pleasure to help out, and make me proud to be a part of! I have lost count of the number of years I have done so with my family. Then there are concerts, and events, and demonstrations, and a Food Festival that make it a complete weekend celebration. Well worth my trip in from Pennsylvania this year!"
    ~ David Jehle
  • "Drove all the way from Virginia with two small children to be apart of the BEST Thanksgiving Celebration. So glad that the quality and continuity of this parade has been maintained at such a high standard over the years so my children will hopefully have the same wonderful memories of it during their childhood as I did!"
    ~ Lindsay Dingess
  • "The TD parade is one of my favorite events. Not enough superlatives to describe how wonderful the marching bands, floats etc are in America's home town parade. I would recommend to anyone to visit & enjoy this parade. It is volunteer and contribution generated so please donate generously to keep it as spectacular as it was this year! Thank you to all participants!"
    ~Yvette Bolduc Cingolani


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